Outback Vampires (1987) 

Whilst on their way to a rodeo festival Lucy (Angela Kennedy), Nick (Richard Morgan) and Bronco's (Brett Climo) car breaks down, leaving them stranded in a small town. The odd-ball locals send them to Sir Alfred's house on the top of hill where once inside things become even weirder. Sir Alfred's wife seems quite deranged, his daughter almost psychotic and his son is extremely eccentric. After becoming separated, Lucy, Nick and Bronco are taken on a surrealist journey through the mansion, which is still decorated with Christmas decorations. The scenes in the house are shot in blue-tones, characters are able to climb on walls, people are told to "follow the bouncing ball", doors suddenly vanish and there is a music-video style performance by a band at one point. The three friends must band together to find a way out of this haunted house and rid the town of this un-dead family once and for all.- Wikipedia

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