Prepare Yourselves: The Official Schedule of Blog Posts is Here!

So, the blog schedule has officially been finalized! I'll be attempting to publish upwards of 5 blog posts per week (with the help of occasional guest bloggers), all on specific days with a predetermined theme. The goal of these posts will be to introduce new 80s horror movies to people, as well as to serve as a forum to discuss old favorites. The schedule will go as follows (beginning Monday, March 30th) :

Monday: Monster Monday

  • Every week a new monster movie will be picked and discussed. Space creatures, demonic beings, little critters or werewolves of the night... No exceptions will be made and all monsters will be represented equally (three growls for monster egalitarianism!). Truly a monster fan's greatest dream (and everyone elses worst nightmare)!

Tuesday: N/A

Wednesday: Weirdly Worldly Wednesdays

  • Wednesdays will be our time to show our erudite side... To show horror fans the worldly and sophisticated state of international 80s horror! Italian gore, giallo... Fulci, Argento, Deodato... Basically anything non-American. Get out your caviar and oldest wines, because is going bourgeois!

Thursday: N/A

Friday: Forgotten Friday

  • Fridays will focus on regularly forgotten, more obscure films. This will include extremely low budget, straight to video and just rarely seen movies in general. This may include movies we've even yet to see, but find interesting enough to bring awareness to.

Saturday: Splatterday Saturday

  • Saturdays will be devoted to every 80s horror fan's favorite sub genre - the splatter/gore film! Limited to only the goriest, grossest and greatest, we'll feature some of our most beloved films of the decade. From Romero to Jackson, this is sure to be a spectacularly fun day for any 80s horror fan.

Sunday: Slasher Sunday

  • Who doesn't love a good slasher? The answer, if you're wondering, is no one (okay, at least no one who would be roaming around, at least). Featuring old classics like A Nightmare on Elm Street to lesser known gems, Slasher Sunday is sure to satisfy the Slasher itch plaguing 80s horror fans!

So, there you have it! We'll have lots of content coming your way. In additional to this, expect regularly posted "best of" lists. And, as always, be sure to check out the seemingly endless content here on (including access to over 600 full lenght movies). Also, don't forget to share, like and comment!