Body Horror Movies of the 1980s: A Complete List

According to Wikipedia, Body Horror (aka biological horror, organic horror or venereal horror) is "horror fiction in which the horror is principally derived from the graphic destruction or degeneration of the body." In other words, depictions of bodily mutilations, mutations or transformations generally constitute body horror. Now, we can differentiate between a film that depicts scenes of body horror and one that uses the themes of body horror as a significant part of the narrative. This list will focus primarily on the latter. As an example, something like The Fly (1986) can be seen as a paradigmatic body horror film: the entire premise focuses on the gradual and graphic transformation of the human body into an entirely different form. And, while not all the films listed involve such a ubiquitous application of body horror themes, I've attempted to include films which make quite prominent use of them. Enjoy the list and let me know if I've forgotten any!

Altered States    (1980)


The Beast Within (1982)  


The Thing (1982)


The Stuff (1985)


The Fly (1986)


The Curse (1987)


Street Trash (1987)    


Hellraiser (1987)      


The Blob (1988)    


Slime City (1988)


The Fly II (1989)


Leviathan (1989 film)


Society (1989)