Freaky Forgotten Friday Part 1: The Abomination (1986)

The first Freaky Forgotten Friday will begin with The Abomination, from 1986.

Director: Bret McCormick
Starring: Scott Davis, Jude Johnson

The Plot:

A middle-aged woman is diagnosed with a tumor by a charismatic preacher. She vomits up what she believes to be the tumor. The "tumor" turns out to be a strange spore of sorts that can grow into a carnivorous creature. The spore spore finds its way into a boy's body and makes him brutally kill people to feed the other spores, which grow into strange creatures as described. (IMDb)

Reasons to Watch:

Well... The synopsis? Vomited tumors which grow into flesh eating monsters? How can this not be awesome? Of course, it could be argued that synopses often tend to disappoint (and this would be true); however, this isn't the only thing the film has in its favor.  Firstly, let's take a look at the trailer:

Awesome, right? We're firstly greeted with the glorious sound of catchy 80s synths, immediately followed by scenes of authentic gore. And when I say gore, I mean GORE. Literally the entire trailer is a showcase of scene after scene of authentic gore and creature effects. Needless to say, when coupled with the excellent theme, it screams "WATCH ME" with great authority.

And the tumor-generated monsters? IT'S LINING THE ENTIRETY OF THE KITCHEN CABINET SPACE. It's seriously an excellently implemented idea and appears to be handled with great care. And, while it's true that I haven't watched the whole film, I can at least say that I watched the first 5 minutes out of curiosity. During the (highly eventful) opening, even more awesomeness ensues:

  • meta-nightmares
  • throat slittings
  • apparent gore-centric foreshadowing
  • fantastic 80s atmosphere (thanks in part to the awesome aforementioned score)

The film seemed, to me, to be slightly reminiscent of The Deadly Spawn (which I loved). So, I'm certainly inclined to place it near the top of my list of forgotten films to see.

Have you seen The Abomination? If so, let us know by commenting below. And if you haven't (but would like to), watch it here!