Small Creature Movies of the 1980s: A Complete List (Gremlins, Critters, Ghoulies etc.)

It's certainly a peculiar sub-genre, the Small Creature Movie... Yet, in many ways, no other sub-genre is more affiliated with the 80s than the glorious Small Creature Feature. Literally all of the popular small creature series in existence (Gremlins, Ghoulies, Critters) got their start in this glorious decade. We can certainly attribute this ephemeral  onslaught of critter films  to mimicry of the beloved Gremlins rather than overarching  sociological trends; however, regardless of their origins, the fact remains that this sub-genre will forever be intimately tied to the 80s. Below I've compiled a complete list of small creature films of the 80s. Enjoy!


Ghoulies (1984)


Gremlins (1984)


Cat's Eye (1985)


Critters (1986)


Troll (1986)


The Gate (1987)


Munchies (1987)


Beasties (1989)


Elves (1989)


Tales From the Darkside: Inside the Closet