Halloween Horror Movies of the 1980s: A Complete List

Hello Halloween fans! If you're anything like me, when the month of October rolls around, things take a sudden change for the EVIL. In what other month can you waltz around your neighborhood or turn the TV on and, more than likely, see some allusions to the spooky and nightmarish? And so, while every month is a great month for a horror fan, October always holds a special place in our hearts. To commemorate this great time of year, then, I've compiled a list of 80s horror movies either focusing on or taking place around Halloween. Enjoy!

*Note: Movies denoting a * are what I consider to be PURE Halloween movies. The others, though containing varying aspects of the Halloween spirit or taking place around that time, don't embody sufficient seasonal elements to constitute a pure Halloween movie.

Tales From the Darkside: Halloween Candy


Tales From the Darkside: Trick or Treat