80s Horror Paradise: Over 600 Full Length 80s Horror Movies Now Available To Watch Instantly!


The project has been completed! I've now finished adding movies ranging from 1980 to 1989. This includes over 800 horror movies ready to browse at your convenience. Of these, over 600 are currently available to watch instantly. If you find a film missing or encounter other errors, please let me know by clicking the "Report Problem" button. I'll constantly be updating pages to make sure movies remain available.

Additionally, I'll now be able to focus on adding new and original content. This includes:

  • Movie Reviews (video and written)
  • Lists (best of, recommendations)
  • Other sorts of articles and creative content

I'll be taking suggestions from followers in order to set a schedule and release themed content on a daily and weekly basis. Thus, the site is officially ready for the masses and, consequently, I hope to grow the audience as much as possible. But I can't do it alone. So, I ask for your help! Please, if you know any horror fans, let them know about the site. Follow us on Facebook and share whatever you find interesting. Let us build 80shorror.net into the nostalgic 80s horror paradise we've all dreamed of!