Return of the Living Dead Part II Review

I'm back with another video review! Last week, I reviewed potentially my favorite horror film of all time "The Return of the Living Dead"! This week, I decided to continue this trend by endeavoring further into the series! So, without further ado, I bring you my review of the sequel The Return of the Living Dead Part II from 1988!

Although it never quite lives up to the original film and is certainly not without its faults, The Return of the Living Dead Part II still manages to be a lot of fun. Even more liberties are taken on the comedic front, yet the aura of the first film is still maintained to a significant enough extent to do the series justice. Unfortunately, this is the last film in the series to really feel like a ROTDL film; however, the film is memorable enough to hold its own. Check out my full thoughts on the matter in the video review below! Let me know what you think (and what you think of the series as a whole)!

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