Backwoods/Redneck/Hillbilly Horror Movies of the 1980s: A Complete List

Since Deliverance arrived in the early 70s, audiences have become increasingly more paranoid of the backwoods. From inbred hicks to bloodthirsty rednecks, backwoods killer movies have produced an eclectic mix of countryside antagonists. Though there has been a recent influx in backwoods movies (thanks mostly to successful series like Wrong Turn), the 1980s also provided audiences with numerous entries to the sub-genre. While some of these (like Just Before Dawn) remain staples, other more obscure movies went by with little acknowledgement. Thus, for your convenience, I've provided a list of backwoods movies of the 1980s (most full movies available).

Motel Hell (1980)


Midnight (1982)


Bridge to Nowhere (1986)


Dead Things (1986)


Fair Game (1986)


Lunch Meat (1987)