80shorror.net to join as a primary contributor for upcoming documentary on 80s horror!


Hello everyone! I'm delighted to announce that a new documentary focusing specifically on horror from the 1980s has been announced. Even more exciting, however, is that 80shorror.net will be a primary contributor. Over the course of the next several months, I'll be providing interviews as well as joining several other prominent figures in the horror community to bring you a variety of content related to the documentary and, obviously, to 80s horror. I suggest you head over to the site www.80shorrordoc.com to stay up to date as the details develop.

Thus far, the documentary has already been featured on dread central here and we've attached several individuals with ties to 80s horror including the marvelous Kelli Maroney, Adrienne Barbeau, Lisa Wilcox and many more! Check out the poster art below and be sure to check back here as well as on the FB page to follow all the new exciting developments.