The Scar Scale: Explaining's Movie Rating System

Hello, fellow horror enthusiasts! Today I'm going to bring you an explanation of the rating system, henceforth known as the "Scar Scale." The Scar Scale (SS) was developed as a way to provide a quick method to convey my general feelings about a movie. I'm often asked to recommend movies to people, and it's sometimes difficult to come up with titles off the top of my head. Therefore, the SS serves as a convenient way to represent movies I might recommend (or insist people avoid). It is, however, not perfect.

Different people have different preferences for essentially everything, and horror is certainly no different. Some don't want comedy with their horror. Some don't want gore. Some want psychological scares, while others want jump scares. I can only rate films given my own subjective preferences and hence, my ratings may differ drastically from yours. In other words, take my ratings as a general guide rather than as gospel.

The Scar Scale:


5 Scar Examples:


4.5 Examples:

4 Scar Examples:

3.5 Examples:

3 Scar Examples:

2.5 Examples:


2 Scar Examples:

1.5 Examples:

1 Scar Examples:


0 Scar Examples:

(I haven't seen a movie this bad... yet)