Ranking Romero: A Tribute to the Legendary George Romero

Few filmmakers are more associated with the horror genre to the extent that George Romero is. Though not as eclectic as Carpenter or as prolific as Craven, Romero's influence has manged to seep its way into contemporary cinema (and popular culture as a whole) to a greater degree than any of the aforementioned contemporaries. On a personal level, Romero's films have always remained dear to me. While horror (and specifically 80s horror) has always had a tendency to embrace the absurd, his films demonstrated to me that they were not incompatible with substance. His ability to synthesize the horror genre with relevant political commentary greatly appealed to my distinct interests as both a philosopher and devout horror fan. In reverence of the master, I have decided to provide a personal ranking of his films. George's contributions will never be forgotten and he will indeed live on forever through several of his masterpieces.

RIP George Romero.


*Films not yet seen: There's Always Vanilla, Season of the Witch

14. Survival of the Dead

13. Diary of the Dead

12. Bruiser

11. Knightriders

10. The Dark Half


9. Two Evil Eyes

8. The Crazies

7. Land of the Dead

6. Martin

5.  Monkey Shines

4. Creepshow

3. Day of the Dead

2. Dawn of the Dead  

1. Night of the Living Dead